With the improved performance, security, and mobile-dedication of Drupal 8, shift happens to be a bold move towards reinforced functionality. While the content, users, and other elements are easier to move over systematically, many other crucial actions that need to be taken are:

Drupal 8 migration check Re-create the themes
Drupal 8 migration checkPort/Rewrite modules
migration check reconfigurationReconfigure views, and much more.

The complexity of an upgrade depends on the complexity – and quality – of your existing Drupal 7 instance. We designed an estimation tool to help you understand your wants better. Drupal 8 upgrade estimation tool reduces manual audit effort to a huge extent and gives you a deep insight of a Drupal project with a key focus on providing a High-level man-hours estimation with a detailed break up of various steps of any Drupal 7 to Drupal 8 Upgrade.

You can have a peek into our sample report and see what the results will look like.


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